About Be The Change

Be The Change is an award winning youth organisation based in Bolton. Our name reflects our commitment to developing young people who are a positive force in their community, and bringing people together who represent Bolton in all its diversity.

We started out delivering weekly football sessions, and our work has expanded to include a range of sports and arts programmes, knife crime prevention workshops and mentoring activity. We are based in Great Lever, working with young people aged between 11 and 25 who live in and around Bolton.


• North West Football Awards 2019 – Finalist
• National Diversity Awards 2020 – Nominated
• Bolton Health and Wellbeing Awards 2020 – Charitable Organisation of the year – Winner


Our Aims

• Encourage integration between communities by delivering activities which break down barriers.
• Support the development of young people by developing and providing exciting opportunities and activities.
• Give young people the necessary tools and skills to reach their full potential in life.
• Promote health and well-being through healthy eating and sports programmes.
• Tackle and reduce the rate of crime and anti-social behaviour amongst young people.



Mission Statement


Our Vision


• A safe and strong community in which all of our young people can reach their potential and make a positive contribution.

• Encourage young people to embrace change, without change, we will stop learning and experiencing new things; change is important, it helps us to develop and overcome challenges.

• Develop young people to lead and influence change within our society


Our Mission


• Support young people’s development and to encourage young people to engage in positive activities, offering formal and informal educational opportunities to help young people to grow both as individuals and as active members of the society.

• We do this by tackling youth related anti-social behaviour by engaging young people in centre based as well as off-site activities through our detached and outreach team.

• We believe that every young person should have the chance and the opportunity to realise and reach their full potential in life.


Our Values


• We value respect, honesty and inclusiveness because we believe everyone should be treated equally regardless of religion, disability,sex or race.

• We are committed to improving outcomes for all young people, and to making sure that they have access to the opportunities and support they need to enable them to succeed in life.

• We strive to create and provide an environment that is fun and inspiring.